Each of our suites are inspired by great 19th and 20th Century artists renowned for their individual style and immense creativity. At Evelyn House we are inspired by the original influencers: French painter and sculptor Edward Degas, Italian still life artist Giorgio Morandi, Mexican portrait painter Frida Kahlo and French post impressionist Henri Rousseau.


The Morandi Suite highlights the tonal subtlety  of delicate pinks and pale greys alongside handmade stoneware and simple furniture. It creates a sense of calm and simplicity reminiscent of Morandi's still life paintings.

Sleeps two.


The focus falls on the scarlet red highback chair from Hay as you enter the Rousseau suite. The playful bright colours and contemporary art by designer James Wilson amid the rich jungle greens and rich mahogany of the antique furniture allude to the exploration and adventure encapsulated in Henri Rousseau's revolutionary style.

Sleeps three.


Colour and vibrancy seep through to the high ceilings of the Kahlo suite. The light streams onto the elegant four poster bed, swathed in embroidered pillows and rich rust coloured linen throws and surrounded by delicate rose pink curtains. Layers of geometric rugs and the straw baskets of sunset toned velvet cushions offer warmth and colour in a room designed to grab attention and challenge expectations of the 'master suite'.

Sleeps four.


Romantic and ethereal, the Degas Suite draws inspiration from the Parisian ballet captured by Edgar Degas. Sage green velvet curtains and ornate golden mirrors, dark wood floors and floral touches reminiscent of ballet studios and classical art.

Sleeps two.

Pierrepont Place


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